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Foster A Cat

Fostering a cat not only saves lives, but is a truly rewarding experience. If you've ever considered fostering, or wondered what it entails, here is some information on how it works:


What Cat Crew Rescue Provides:

  • A socializing plan for the cat and guidance on implementing it 

  • Ongoing support with any issues that arise with the cat 

  • All necessary supplies, including litter and litter boxes, food, cat beds and toys, dishes and water bowls as needed 

  • Payment for all medical care (which is to be provided by Cat Crew Rescue approved veterinarian in advance) 

  • Marketing your foster cat when he/she is ready for adoption and facilitating any introduction where the potential adopter and foster cat seem like an appropriate match

Your Responsibility as the Foster Caregiver:

  • Provide a safe, peaceful environment for your foster cat in an appropriate space for the socializing plan (e.g. extremely shy cats should be kept to one room until they are interacting with confidence)

  • Keep the cat indoors at all times with windows secured and screens only one-inch wide so the cat may not scratch through and potentially escape

  • Provide a scooped litterbox, fresh water and food (provided by Cat Crew Rescue) on a daily basis

  • Provide Cat Crew Rescue with regular updates about the cat’s progress and observe closely for any possible health or behavior issues

  • Administer any medications prescribed by a veterinarian or inform Cat Crew Rescue if unable to do so

  • Inform Cat Crew Rescue when the cat seems ready for adoption, sharing information about the cat

  • Provide Cat Crew Rescue with electronic photos and/or videos of the cat to be used to promote for adoption.

If you are interested in learning more about fostering, please contact us at!

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