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Our Programs

Trap, Neuter, Release

Cat Crew Rescue is active in Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR) and encourages all communities to participate in this humane and effective assistance to feral cats.  Please reach out for help to spay/neuter any stray cats you are feeding.  Together we can help break the cycle of suffering.  


Working Cats

The working cat program is a wonderful opportunity to give cats otherwise not suitable to be adopted as an indoor domestic pet a chance at a good life. Feral or semi-feral cats who were once euthanized for no reason except that they were living as they instinctually had learned, have now been recognized as a valuable resource for helping to keep the rodent population at bay.  We provide everything necessary to acclimate and properly care for a working cat.


Senior Cats For Senior Citizens

Senior Cats For Senior Citizens was designed to enrich the lives of both seniors.  It was developed to help human seniors rediscover the joys of having a companion animal in their lives with all the support necessary to maintain that relationship and give a loving home to an older feline. Cat Crew Rescue's expert matchmakers will help you select a companion that fits your personality, lifestyle and housing situation.


Community Education

We love to be involved with the community!  We have been invited to various speaking engagements in the community at libraries, senior centers, and schools.  We usually speak about our programs including TNR and the importance of spay/neutering.  We of course bring a friendly kitty along for the trip, which is always a big hit!

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